Expanding DRT Services in Italy

This September, Shotl, in cooperation with Autoguidovie, are helping to launch three new Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) services in northern Italy.

After successful deployments in both Monza and Vimercate, on September 9th, Shotl will launch 3 more demand-responsive bus services, this time in the Province of Pavia (Lombardy).

The first launch will take place within the city of Pavia itself. With a population of around 73.000, the historic city is best known for its ancient university, founded back in 1361. Pavia currently has a night-bus service called Noctibus, which requires users to request a ride by either phoning the call-center or sending an SMS; in these cases, users would then have to wait to receive a further SMS confirmation. Autoguidovie, the operator of the Noctibus, wants to provide a better overall service for users and modernize functionality by using ITS technology, for this reason, they have asked Shotl to help re-launch the service.  

There are several advantages to using Shotl technology; Users will now have access to real-time information about the service through use of the UserApp (users can see where the bus is at all times and find out how long it will take for them to be picked up). Additionally, Shotl technology optimizes routes using Shotl algorithms, this helps to reduce waiting times. Also, use of Shotl for ride petitioning lowers the number of calls received by the call center, freeing up the controllers so that they can concentrate on delivering better efficiency within the service.

The current deployment consists of a 35-seater bus with additional capacity for one wheelchair. At the moment, the bus covers an overall area of 23.5 km2 and provides service to 313 stops. The new service will be available 7 days a week from 20:00h to 01:00h.

The other two new DRT services will be rolled out in southern Pavia, in extra-urban areas. One, based in the Stradella region which incorporates 28 villages, stretching over an area of 130 km2, and providing service to 249 stops in total. The other service will be based in the Varzi region and will include 6 villages set within an area of 88 km2. This service will have a total of 93 stops. 

Both services are covered, again, by 35-seater buses with additional capacity for a wheelchair user. 2 buses will be used for the service within the Stradella region and 1 will be used for service within the Varzi region.  Both of these new services will be available from Monday to Saturday, mornings and afternoons.

All rides can be booked via the "Miobus Autoguidovie App" which was developed by Shotl and is now available on Android and iOS, or via phone call. Users can request a ride in real-time or can schedule a ride for the next few hours or days.

Shotl is proud of this new collaboration with Autoguidovie as it is making life easier for residents throughout the region. Stay tuned as we'll be publishing primary results in the coming days!

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