Introducing Shotl API

On-demand transportation is great, and we know it. Still, there are many exciting alternative tools and solutions to improve mobility; each one of them has found a way to solve a specific problem.

As there is no one-tool-fits-all in mobility, travellers use multiple modes of transport: regular buses, trains and subways, on-demand transportation, bikes, motosharing and carsharing platforms, car-pooling, etc.

Policymakers promote interconnected networks to provide transportation alternatives. On the technical side, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Apps offer a unique interface for passengers to plan, book and pay their trips in one single place.

More and more Shotl customers are willing to integrate on-demand mobility with other modes of transport available in their cities, so their users can plan, for example, a bus trip and an on-demand last-mile with just a few clicks.

That's why we have developed the Shotl Application Programming Interface (API) for MaaS operators. Through the API, Shotl can be integrated with any MaaS system available on the market.

Wherever the service is integrated, it allows passengers to book on-demand trips either through the Shotl Passenger App or the Mobility as a Service App of a third party.

The main functionalities available in the Shotl Passenger App are available through the API: estimating pick up and arrival time of a specific trip, booking, real-time tracking the location of the vehicle, looking up scheduled and past trips, cancelling a trip, etc.

This is only the first version of the API, in the future, it might include additional functionalities as well as open compatibility with self-driving vehicles.

Our vision at Shotl is that a promising mobility future requires an interconnected ecosystem of complementary tools.

Figure 1: Diagram showing Shotl's vision of a future interconnected mobility, where MaaS Apps are equivalent to the Passenger app and vehicles can be driven (with the Driver App) or be driverless.

Two current projects are already integrating Shotl's MaaS API, and this is just the beginning because we have received proposals to develop several more. Would you like to be next?

For technical information, feel free to have a look at the API definition. You can find it here:

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