Shotl expands in Portugal

At Shotl we have partnered with a well known Portuguese bus operator with a long story of innovation within the mobility sector. Faithful to this philosophy, recently they have been offering an alternative traveling solution for their employees.

The initial idea was to provide optimal flexibility in mobility for their collaborators: an innovative and dynamic way to move within their facilities. They were able to accomplish this goal by digitizing and incorporating the Shuttle App powered by Shotl.

Currently, the 200 workers at their facilities can schedule a ride through the Passenger App to go from point A to point B in a matter of minutes within a service area of 100 km2, 67 virtual stops and a total of 6 vehicles always available and ready to move them around. All thanks to Shotl's pooling dynamic routing algorithm that optimizes waiting times and journeys for all passengers.

This demand-responsive transport has had an efficient and real impact on the employees' commuting conditions, creating a more convenient and environmentally-friendly mobility mode. This way, workers are not only being transported smartly and sustainably, but they have safer access to workplaces without having to rely or use their private cars: saving money on gas and traveling time.

Companies and business parks can benefit from this mobility platform because it allows them to generate automated weekly data, costs and savings results, have better control of their assets and reutilize their own fleet.

It's a win-win situation: the more employees use the service, the more the ridership, which allows the system to become an integral part of their mobility whilst improving their labour inclusion significantly by keeping them engaged and happy. 


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