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It is widely believed that Para-transit services are a vital part of current transportation infrastructures, as such services are able to cater to the needs of minority groups of travelers in a more effective manner.

As daily commuters are less likely to use public transit because of long waiting times at transfer points, along with the additional possibility of being unable to board due to overcrowding, there is a growing frustration over the dependency on personal cars as the only truly flexible alternative. 

In response to these pertaining issues, our team at Shotl have developed a thrilling project of joint mobility, that intends to reduce over-reliance on private motorized transportation modes and boost shared flexible Para-transit options, with special attention being given to the physically challenged.

Shotl Turns Door-to-Door 24h Scheduled “Access-a-Ride” Services Into Demand Responsive Transport for All.

Shotl’s instant door-to-door services seek to make commuting better and more competent for service users, with a technology that’s able to turn pre-scheduled access-a-ride transport services into an efficient demand responsive door-to-door mobility solution.

As a result, the Shotl platform is able to offer shared on-demand transportation services to minority groups, providing them with both ease and convenient mobility while fully accommodating their personal needs. The technology used provides "on the spot" pick-up and drop-off service whilst cutting maximum waiting time down to just two hours prior to the desired pick up time.

As disabled commuters request their trips through the Shotl app, they are able to remain accurately informed about the arrival and pick up time of their vehicle. They are also provided with greater convenience as there is no need to book a ride within a strict 24-hour window. 

A New Opportunity for the Physically Challenged Community

Since its inception, Shotl has become an effective urban mobility service and a proficient alternative to bus services that have asymmetrical demands and low passenger numbers. Shotl’s systems amalgamate passenger requests whilst facilitating the transport of people at the same time; resulting in mobility that is integrated and well organized.

Shotl’s backend algorithms help to match service users with others who are taking similar routes so that everyone can be accommodated for. Today, Shotl users that are physically challenged can also be provided with a ride that picks them up right from their doorstep.

The primary focus is to provide a rich transport experience for all, through a fleet of adapted vehicles that are driven by professional drivers. The aim is to work collaboratively with access-a-ride agencies to play a positive role in an improved and more accessible transport service that makes commuting better and faster for everyone.

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