We’re going Autonomous

In January of this year, Shotl has started a collaboration with Finnish all-weather autonomous driving software company Sensible 4, as part of a consortium within the FABULOS project. The collaboration is made possible within the context of the European Commission’s program Horizon2020.

As self-driving technology continues to rapidly improve, we are starting to see small autonomous buses being tested in the streets of major cities. Up until this point, few of the current initiatives have focused specifically on passenger’s requirements and needs. Fewer still have focussed their attention on the role of previously established business models, or on the primary issue of accessible mobility, which is a crucial aspect and should be used as a guide towards improving future deployment.

When it comes to preparing and launching pilots, Shotl has a rich experience in on-demand technology. This new collaboration presents an excellent opportunity, which will allow Shotl to utilize its own technology in conjunction with the advanced autonomous driving technology provided by Sensible 4. By using a dispatch algorithm, that will aid both passengers as well as operators, we will be able to provide a more accessible and fluid service. Shotl has gathered a wealth of knowledge since its its conception back in 2012, now with numerous all the many successful deployments around the globe, we are able to provide added value by bringing bespoke AV technology to the client where it’s needed.

Sensible 4 is an ideal partner for or this new project due to its extensive experience in the robotics and AV sector. Its technology has proven to be fully viable and provides added versatility for vehicles operating in the adverse weather conditions of the harsh Nordic winters (with their snow-filled streets and heavy rain). This clear focus on deployability under realistic conditions opens fruitful synergies given Shotl’s expertise in applying complementary DRT technology where it will be most relevant in the future; suburban and rural areas where passengers need to rely on a more frequent and accessible collective transport service.

The project is taking place as part of the pre-procurement process of Fabulos which is financed by funds from the European Union’s program Horizon2020. The project will have three phases. The first phase, which runs January through to March, requires the participating consortia to provide a proof of concept as well as a plan for the upcoming phases. The second phase will allow for lab testing and/or field-testing in closed-off areas until the end of 2019, and the third phase which is set for 2020, will see the live deployment of fleets of autonomous buses in at least two of the procuring  cities; Helmond, Helsinki, Lamia, Gjesdal, Porto, or Tallinn.

Shotl will provide both passenger and driver Apps, as well as the fleet management tool that will connect to Sensible 4’s platform through the respective API’s, while also contributing to the implementation and adaptation of the planned deployments in relation to mobility and user interaction. This is just the starting point, Sensible 4 and Shotl’s collaboration is set to advance the autonomous revolution.

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