Frequently asked questions


Does Shotl provide vehicles or drivers?

As a technology supplier Shotl has built a platform for transport operators to deploy on-demand bus services, therefore we don’t provide the vehicles nor the drivers. Our mission is to empower policy-makers, mobility planners and public transport authorities with the tools and data that will help them improve the overall performance of the system and let them interact with users in a more personalised and efficient way.

Does Shotl provide door-to-door rides?

Our goal is to help reduce traffic in our cities by providing shared ride services as opposed to individual trips. So, instead of a door-to-door operational scheme, Shotl pick-up and drop-off points are always located in bus stops within walking distance to the points of origin and destination. As a result, we are able to transport a large number of users with very few vehicles, because having less cars in the streets is better for our cities.

How do users pay for their rides?

Unlike a standard ride-hailing App, the Shotl platform does not charge passengers a fee per ride. If transportation is not subsidised by a company, a sponsor or a social service, users can pay for their rides once they board the vehicle, using their transport card or directly by cash. Optionally the Shotl App can be integrated with any PCI compliant payment gateway to allow mobile payments via Smartphone.

Where does all the data go?

All the data Shotl generates belongs to our customers. By giving real value to cities and large corporations we help planners make better decisions in regards to people’s mobility. Shotl provides data in both raw format and through visuals and graphics, to ease the interpretation of analytical and statistical results. Finally, our team of mobility consultants will provide expert guidance on best practices and policy.