Our Team

Professional and personal stories behind Shotl

Osvald Martret

Founder & Co-CEO

As the project leader, Osvald dedicates 100% of his time to the vision, strategy, and leadership of Shotl. After gaining extensive experience at C-level in international companies, in 2001 he founded Drivania International S.L.


Osvald has lead Drivania’s growth to over 1,000 cities globally and leads the Shotl project with his passionate entrepreneurial vision focused on converting customer needs into requirements for product development.

Gerard Martret

Founder & Co-CEO

Gerard leads the Business Development activities at Shotl. With full dedication to the project, he is responsible for identifying new opportunities in the Urban Mobility space and working directly with users and City Transit Agencies to ensure that Shotl delivers maximum value.


Founding his first startup when he was 23 years old, he has co-founded four successful ventures over the past 15 years: Drivania International S.L., Routebox Technologies S.L., Uiplei Training System S.L. and Foreride Inc.

Adrià Ramírez

Mobility and Public Policy

Adrià ensures that Shotl implementations fit with city policies and delivers maximum benefits to urban citizens and the environment.


He understands the public officials’ needs and concerns and helps them design pilot scenarios, supervising pilots and deployments and developing social research and user-feedback tools and workshops.

Fran Horrillo

Chief Technology Officer

Fran leads the Shotl technical team, defining the technical requirements. As the current Product Manager of Shotl, he is responsible of converting business needs into technical tasks, distributing them and coordinating team members.


As the Chief Technology Officer, he is also in charge of defining at the high level the system architecture, assuring future scalability and identifying potential risks.

Sebastià Agramunt

Data Scientist and Algorithmics Expert

Sebastià is in charge of defining and developing Shotl’s User-centric Routing Engine, making it a truly self-learning system. During his post doctorate work, he performed cutting edge research in numerical simulations for magnetic materials.


He is a specialist in Machine Learning and simulations having participated in various workshops alongside world renowned Data Scientists.

Jaume Pedró


Jaume is responsible of our financial control, including accounting functions, credit control, preparing budgets and financial statements, reporting financial perfomance, coordinanting financial data, etc. Also, he is in charge of financial decisions for the company.


He studied Business Administration and Economy and has more than 15 years of experience as a corporate finance manager, cash management and controlling and reporting company perfomance.

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