Being on the map

It’s frequently heard that “being on the map” in a market is one of the keys to success for a startup.

Branding, advertising, PR, corporate communication, events, and many other efforts to be a player and be known by clients, users and competitors. Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) emerging market has now its first reference world map.

A recent article by Lukas Foljanty named “Mapping the global on demand ridepooling market”, provides a global view of the different locations where DRT has been deployed during the last years, and the software suppliers and transport operators that made it possible. The study includes some details about the extent of each project among other relevant data. DRT service providers started gaining momentum back in 2017, and projects have been growing exponentially ever since. 

The map shows not only who the players are, but also the areas that are already open to implement DRT in their transit planning, being EU, North America, ME and Asia the hotspots, with many upcoming implementations. A closer view would reveal large geographical areas - empty of logos- as a sign of the potential growth that DRT foresees ahead. The article draws attention to the novelty of the market, with many projects lasting less than 12 months and most of them (60%) tagged as pilots. Publicly funded projects also account for a majority.

Shotl experienced a progressive expansion during the last months -10 countries so far-, and we envision being a key solution to grant access to public transport to those people who live or work in underserved areas. We are proud of being a major player in the field. Developing DRTs will certainly contribute to a fairer, richer and cleaner society for the following generation to come.

It is paramount to educate local and regional authorities on the benefits of on demand public transport in their communities as this could be, in fact, the best alternative to ensure equitable, fair and accessible transport to everyone. Having this map as a reference could also help move projects ahead by showing its actual spread.

As our App users feel certain when checking the status of their vehicle's location before being picked up, we feel we are on a safe path towards making DRT services a common reality in less populated neighborhoods, villages and industrial areas. Public transit access creates opportunities for these communities. Let’s put them on the map!

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