Shotl are heading to the Middle East this Fall

Over the last few months the Shotl team have been busy out on the road; showcasing our latest app and demonstrating how Shotl technology can benefit cities and transport systems alike. This Autumn sees us head out a little further afield as we attend the Dubai World Congress for Self-driving Transport as well as two other notable Tech and Transport events right here in Europe. 

From the 9 - 10th of October we will be at S-Moving Malaga. Held at El Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga, S-Moving is an international forum dedicated to the sharing of both knowledge and current practices in relation to intelligent, autonomous, and connected mobility and their relative infrastructures. Given the divergent and multi-sectoral nature of participants, the forum offers an opportunity to establish synergies and form new business connections while giving access and greater insight into the latest trends throughout multiple sectors.

From the 15th - 16th October we will be in Dubai for the World Congress for Self-Driving Transport where our CMO, Adrià Ramirez, will deliver a seminar on International Best Practices & Implementation. The congress will bring together experts in the field of Self-Driving technology with an aim to accelerate and enhance the adoption of such technology both globally as well as locally (within UAE). 

Adrià will be speaking in Seminar Area C from 14:30 - 15:15 on the 16th of October.  

Then on the 22nd of October, we will be in Vienna for the FIA Start-up challenge. The meet-up event takes in participants and attendees from three divergent Start-up sectors; Home and Personal Assistance, Health and Elderly, and Mobility in Rural Areas, the latter being an area in which Shotl’s previous deployments have actively helped to improve. Our invitation to the event will allow us to meet with a selection of business development experts and it also gives us the opportunity to pitch the advantages of Shotl technology to both Marketing and Business professionals from across numerous sectors.  

This Autumn is set to provide a number of incredible opportunities as we continue to meet with leaders and innovators from across the tech and transportation world. As ever, check in with us on Twitter @rideshotl for event times and further information.  

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