Giving road rage drivers peace of mind

Surely we have all seen or experienced it at some point: in the middle of a traffic jam, while driving in adverse weather conditions, worried about being late for an important appointment.. The accumulated stress spirals out of control and we give in to a burst of anger, blaming everything around us (our car, other drivers) for all our problems. And so we become road rage drivers.

From the perspective of a road rage driver, it is always the others, not ourselves, who do not drive correctly, who break traffic rules or delay us by causing traffic jams. It is difficult to realize that, once we get behind the wheel of our car, we are actively choosing to participate in the situation, so we become just another part of the problem.

In some (thankfully few) cases, road rage drivers completely lose control, leading to reckless driving, speeding, overlooking the most basic driving rules, and even confronting, insulting, and, in the most extreme cases, physically assaulting other drivers. There are numerous studies about this phenomenon and its causes, which offer advice for safer and more peaceful driving. But the truth is that a constant increase in vehicles on our already congested roads, with their ability to absorb traffic stretched to the limit, does not help to solve the situation. Instead, it only piles on the misery.

When we find ourselves In situations likely to lead us to road rage driving, it is advisable to keep a cool head and remember to be generous with other drivers. Taking your foot off the accelerator, refraining from sudden lane changes, or avoiding disputes with other drivers are some of the many paths we can follow.

It is necessary to reduce the number of vehicles that circulate on our roads. Not only from the point of view of sustainability and reduction of emissions but also for personal peace of mind. With fewer cars on the roads, we can cut noise, traffic jams, and bad moods and, little by little, return cities to their true owners: people.

On-demand transport can make an important contribution to achieving this goal with flexible, efficient, and sustainable public transport occupying the layer between taxis and mass public transport, currently occupied by private vehicles. A first/last mile solution with drivers who move from another anonymous motorist to being a community driver.

Such public transport is possible. At Shotl, we have spent years implementing flexible and on-demand solutions in isolated towns and neighborhoods and in rural and peri-urban areas. Wherever there is a need for mobility and in the absence of an effective solution that forces residents to resort to private vehicles.

We can achieve this by working all together. By choosing on-demand transport, we can help reduce the number of cars on our roads and cities and, at the same time, achieve much more peaceful, quiet, and livable neighborhoods, where reckless and road rage driving will have no place.

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