Legnago transforms transportation with Shotl's DRT

Located within the picturesque Veneto region of northern Italy, the town of Legnago graces the province of Verona with its rich history and cultural heritage. Its location at the shore of the Adige river and close to the border with nearby regions make it an important economic hub within the Verona Province.

Until now, the city had two transport lines with infrequent service and one high-frequency central city line.

The launch of Shotl's Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) technology commissioned by ATV (Azienda trasporti Verona) has transformed the city’s transportation landscape, replacing the low-frequency urban lines A and C with a DRT service while retaining the high-frequency line B. This comprehensive service spans an expansive area of over 13 km², offering citizens access to more than 97 virtual stops for customizing their pick-up and drop-off points within the city, all conveniently bookable through Shotl's white-label “Scipione il bus a prenotazione” app, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

This app empowers users to select their preferred departure time and desired stops, with the added convenience of the app automatically computing the most efficient route between two public transport stops within Legnago's municipal areas.

This milestone represents a significant leap forward in improving transportation options for residents and visitors and comes with numerous advantages, including significant economic and energy resource savings.

Commencing its operation on Monday 11 September 2023, Shotl’s entry into Legnago represents a significant moment in the town's transportation landscape. It promises a brighter, more sustainable future for Legnago and its residents.

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