Shotl launches in Stockholm

Shotl has started a collaboration with Nobina Technology to provide a new service in the city of Stockholm. This is an exciting deployment, as Nobina Technology is considered to be the largest and most experienced transport service provider in the Nordic region.

The deployment began this September 23rd and will initially be trialed as a Proof of Concept (POC). The POC phase will use 2 vehicles to provide service across an area of 4.31km2 (population 3,000). The service will be in effect for the next 3 months and will allow us to assess the overall benefits offered by the use of Shotl’s on-demand and pre-booking capabilities within the area. The service will be on offer from 7:00h to 22:00h, running not only during weekdays but also on weekends too! 

This service makes use of both the Shotl passenger app, which sources requests from passengers in real-time and the driver app, which is installed on a tablet device and helps the driver navigate through the pick-up and drop-off locations in accordance with daily demand.

This POC will allow Nobina to collect relevant data including; Origin/Destination matrices, walking distances from bus stops, kilometers traveled by both vehicles, occupancy levels, vehicle waiting times, and trip durations.

Shotl will support Nobina, helping them to evaluate the concept in relation to both statistics and key performance indicators. This will enable them to decide whether to implement the service over the long-term.

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