ShuttleMare: Rimini's popular service enters its fourth year

In its fourth year, ShuttleMare continues to offer Rimini residents and tourists a free and sustainable travel option between the urban and coastal areas of this popular town on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

Since launching in the summer of 2021 as a collaboration between the City Council, the local transport authority and Shotl, this initiative has effectively reduced traffic congestion and parking issues. Initiatives such as ShuttleMare have allowed the city of Rimini to carry out important reforms on the promenade that favor active mobility and free up space previously occupied by private vehicles for the use of pedestrians.

The service, which started its 2024 season in April, operates through the user-friendly mobile app, My Start Romagna (available on Android and iOS), allowing users to book shuttles that connect urban and coastal areas. ShuttleMare divides the city into two zones—urban and coastal—and only permits transfers between these zones, which helps streamline journeys and reduce waiting times.

ShuttleMare has grown in popularity since its inception, initially serving over 1,000 weekly users and reaching more than 5,000 in its second season. The number of vehicles was increased during the operation to accommodate the high demand.

The current season began in April 2024, with service available on weekends and holidays until June. From June to September, the service runs daily from 9 AM to 9 PM. Passengers can board the shuttle from any local public transport stop within the designated service area, making beach access convenient and free of charge​.

The Rimini City Councilor for Mobility stated, “ShuttleMare caters to all those who want to enjoy the beach but cannot get there. Many families, including elderly people needing an alternative way to move, are welcoming this new solution.”

It looks like this new ShuttleMare season will be just as successful as the previous ones, if not more so. At Shotl, we are proud to have contributed to making this on-demand transport a reality, enabling people to enjoy the beach for free without the challenges of traditional mobility.

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