Introducing Shotl,

the affordable daily commute.

Shotl finds other passengers who are traveling in the same direction as you.

Shotl takes you.

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Discover Shotl

Shotl is a new way of getting around.
Share the ride with other people traveling in your same direction and help reduce traffic.

How does it work?

Where would you like to go?

Download the Shotl app on your Smartphone.
Insert your destination and create a new route.

Share the route

In a few minutes, we will match your route with that of other users traveling in the same direction.

Reach your destination

Get around your city in a fast and sustainable new way.

Less traffic

Shotl wants to improve our city by providing a transportation alternative that is more intelligent, sustainable, and affordable. 

Together, we are changing our daily mobility and transforming the city we want to live in. To do so, we have created a transportation system that helps reduce traffic from day one.


Shotl is here to transform mobility in your city.

Do you have any questions?

How to book a ride?

Insert your destination, and in a few seconds our technology will find a vehicle that is traveling in your same direction. Shotl makes it fast and easy to share with other users.

How long will it take to arrive?

The average waiting time is 5 minutes. You will receive a message with the exact time before your pick-up. You can track the car in your app.

Less cars

By decreasing cars in cities, we open up new opportunities to use spaces once dedicated to cars.

Less pollution

By conveying several users in one single vehicle, we contribute to improve the health of our cities.

Better cities

We want to work together with cities and transportation agencies to visualize the impact of Shotl and transit together.

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